Termite problem?

Don’t touch them…call us at once!

Professional termite control and protection for your home

Try to stay calm if you’ve seen or suspect termites in your home or business. Local, professional advice is just a phone call away. We’re here to help. 

Finding termites can be incredibly worrying. Resolve Pest Control supports local families and businesses by eliminating termites and protecting your home.

The best practice for protecting your home, as recommended by governments and building authorities (and us!), is to have a professional termite inspection at least annually, and protect the building from termite attack by installing an appropriate termite treatment (termite management system).

Termite Control for the Sunshine Coast

Termite damage isn’t covered under home insurance!

Research shows that 25% of Australian homes have had a termite attack. That makes it more likely to happen to you than fire, flood or natural disaster combined. Your home is your most valued asset. Protect it with a termite management system from Resolve Pest Control.

You can safeguard your home against termites with a professional termite inspection and a termite management plan. A good plan has regular termite inspections. Regular inspections will spot early signs of termite presence. This could save you a lot of money down the line.

Resolve Pest Control recommends installing a termite management system. For a FREE quote, just call 07 5345 5705 today.

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