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It’s important to choose a pest control company with knowledge and experience of the local pest species to enable swift, safe elimination of the pest and to stop any further damage.

Resolve Pest Control can help you in 2 ways:

1) We provide a rapid response to deal with your current pest problem

2) We offer ongoing pest protection for your home or business.

Whether it’s immediate elimination of a pest or annual pest protection, you can choose from our comprehensive range of pest control services.

Our comprehensive general pest control treatment

This is one of our most successful pest control services. Our general pest control treatment takes care of the pests that you’re likely to encounter in your home or business.

Pests we target: Cockroaches, spiders, ants

Warranty: 12 months (internal), 6 months (External)

Areas we treat: Interior rooms, roof cavity, sub-floor, property perimeter, garage, yard (including sheds and fences)

Products we use: Mostly sprays (outside and sometimes inside) and powders (for the roof void and sub-floor). Sometimes we use cockroach and ant gels if the situation calls for it.

When we begin work, if we discover substantial numbers of a certain pest (e.g. funnel ants, German cockroach), we may need to treat them using a specialised treatment. If this happens, we’ll advise you about the best course of action because it may mean an additional charge.

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Protect your home and family with a pest control treatment from Resolve Pest Control

Four steps to carry out our general pest control treatment?

Step 1 – We’ll discuss your pest problem or any concerns you have.

Step 2 – We’ll inspect your property to determine the nature and scale of the pest problem. This includes a full risk assessment that eases any safety or environmental concerns.

Step 3 – When we understand the situation, it may call for pest control sprays on both the exterior as well as the interior of your property. We may use powders in the roof cavity and sub-floor (if present) and gels in kitchen areas (cockroaches).

Step 4 – After your pest treatment, we’ll provide you with a list of the products we used. We may also recommend further actions you could take to minimise future pest problems.

Do you use safe pest control products and treatments?

All our products are safe to use around your home, family, and pets. We’re happy to share all the information we have about the pest control products we use. They’re all tried, tested and when applied correctly have minimal impact on the environment.

When we complete Step 2 (in the above process), we’ll then be able to tell you about the products we recommend using and how we will perform the treatment. Being open with our customers, allows you the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns you may have before we start the treatment.

During the treatment it’s best that your family and pets stay away from the treatment areas, to allow for quick and safe application. They can re-enter when the treatment is dry. In most cases, if you can vacate the premises this can speed up the treatment application.

Will I save money by having a pest control treatment and a termite inspection at the same time?

Yes. Combining a pest treatment with a termite inspection saves us time. We pass the savings on to you. You can save up to 25% by having a termite inspection at the same time as a pest control treatment. Several of our customers take up this option.

Most homes that have suffered from termite damage could have been spared by a simple, affordable termite inspection. This would have highlighted conditions of termite risk. A small investment now could save you significant stress and thousands of dollars in repair bills!

How long does a general pest treatment take?

The length of the treatment will depend on the size and construction of the home and the level of the pest infestation. For a standard 3-4 bedroom home, it should take at least an hour to carry out a comprehensive, general pest treatment.

Specialist Pest Control Treatments


Pest: Ants
Warranty: 3-6 months
Areas we treat: Indoors, outdoors, pavers and lawn. This depends on nest location and your requirements.
Products we use: Sprays and gel
Info: With an understanding of their nesting and foraging habits, the aim is to eliminate the queen(s) to destroy the colony. To do this often needs a combination of products. Controlling ants can take time. It depends on the scale of infestation and the number of nests.

Australian Cockroach

Pest: Cockroaches
Warranty: 1 month
Areas we treat: Indoors – kitchens, laundry rooms, cupboards
Products we use: Baits and sprays
Info: Larger outdoor cockroaches are easier to control. They tend to be accidental visitors. They venture in to homes searching for food or water. The smaller (German) cockroach is harder to control. We use a combination of products targeting interior walls, stoves, sinks, refrigerators, and water heaters. Large infestations can take a couple of visits. Long-term management of German cockroaches requires a focus on hygiene and housekeeping. Pest control should be considered one part of the solution.

Redback Spider

Pest: Spiders
Warranty: 12 months internal, 6 months external
Areas we treat: Guttering, doors, windows
Products we use: Sprays
Info: Spider treatments target the web-builders e.g. redback and black house spider. Treatment kills spiders and prevents future web building. This treatment indirectly reduces hunting spiders e.g. white-tailed and huntsman because it reduces their sources of food (other insects and spiders), making your home less attractive as a hunting ground.


Pest: Fleas
Warranty: None
Areas We Treat: Inside and outside the home. Areas where pests rest.
Products we use: Sprays
Info: Often a summer pest, fleas like warm and humid conditions. Whether inside or outside, ankles and lower legs is where you’ll experience most bites. Long-term management of fleas requires homeowner cooperation. Through housekeeping, vigilant gardening, attentive dog / cat treatments and professional pest control, flea populations can be controlled.


Pest: Silverfish
Warranty: 3 months
Areas we treat: Roof cavity, basement, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom
Products we use: Sprays and traps
Info: Silverfish thrive in moist climates, preferring dark, damp areas. They’re attracted to paper and damp clothing and often found inside storage boxes kept in the garage or shed. You can assist silverfish control by ventilating these areas and providing access for a treatment spray.

Wasp Pest Control

Pest: Wasps
Warranty: none
Areas we treat: Guttering, doors, windows
Products we use: Sprays and powders
Info: Our general pest treatment will stop wasps building their nests on the outside of your home. We offer quick and safe removal of wasp nests using professional products.

Rodent on plate

Often a winter problem, rats and mice enter buildings looking for food and warmth. To get rid of these unwelcome visitors, we offer our customers a flexible service. This begins with a comprehensive rodent inspection of your property, including roof cavity and sub-floor (if present).

The inspection determines the type of rodent present, nesting locations and points of property entry. The information we gather will allow us to determine the best placements of bait stations and the quantity of bait needed. We will be able to recommend how to reduce the number of entry opportunities and how to make your property less attractive to rodents in future.

Following an initial rodent inspection, you can choose from 2 levels of service to suit your needs.

1) Complete rodent pest control: We provide and install the rodent bait stations and return to the property several times until we gain control of the infestation. We will remove dead rodents from the property. We offer a 6-month warranty for a complete rodent pest control service.

2) DIY rodent pest control: Again, we provide and install the bait stations but instead leave you to monitor progress and re-baiting. This is a DIY option for those on a budget. You can always call for advice. The property owner removes any dead rodents.

We always use lockable bait stations for safety, which remain the property of the homeowner after the treatment. A major infestation may need more than one visit.

Top tips for pest-free living?

Commercial pest control for businesses on the Sunshine Coast

We offer single one-off commercial pest treatments or more frequent commercial pest control, such as monthly, quarterly, or six-month programmes.

We work with:

Nursing homes and retirement villages
Food industry

We provide practical pest service paperwork to document work carried out, treatment locations and the products we used.

For our restaurant customers we provide important guidance on cleaning regimes to minimise pest problems.

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