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Termite Inspections for the Sunshine Coast

If you suspect active termites…

Disturbing termites makes them harder to control. So, it’s important that you don’t touch them, don’t spray them, don’t damage mud tubes, don’t break wood open, and don’t tamper with any areas you’re uncertain about.

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Termite Inspections to protect your home

Whether you suspect termites in your property or you’re just checking for termites, Resolve Pest Control provides peace of mind with its safe, trusted, and comprehensive termite inspection.

Most homes that have suffered from termite damage could have been spared by a simple, affordable termite inspection. This would have highlighted conditions of termite risk. A small investment now, could save you significant stress and thousands of dollars in repair bills!

Coptotermes Termites

Our Termite Inspection

Our comprehensive professional inspection targets the presence of termite activity, signs of termite damage and conditions that make your property attractive to termites.

Our inspection will find:

How's a termite inspection carried out?

We inspect:

We won’t damage or pull apart walls during an inspection. If your property needs a more invasive inspection, we’ll make recommendations in our report. If this turns out to be the case, we’ll first get your permission in writing. In most cases, this isn’t necessary because we use some of the latest technology to help figure out what’s going on behind your property walls.

What you get from a termite inspection

If there are no signs of termites, does my property still need a termite inspection?

All structures should have a termite inspection carried out at least once a year, according to Australian Standards, state governments and building authorities. In high risk termite activity hot spots, such as the Sunshine Coast, it should be more often. We’d recommend you get your property checked out right away.

What makes a Resolve Pest Control termite inspection the best on the Sunshine Coast?

We’re a professional, safe, and reliable business offering local property owners a comprehensive termite inspection they can trust.

Following Australian Standards (AS 3660.2-2017), all our inspections include a thorough investigation of your property and its perimeter. Depending on the size of the property, we take up to two hours to do a thorough, professional job.

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