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Termite monitoring, baiting and eradication

Resolve Pest Control use Exterra – The world’s No.1 termite property protection system

To protect your property, we recommend choosing the Exterra Termite Monitoring and Baiting System

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  • Safer for your family and pets
  • Better for the environment
  • Suits most construction types
  • Suits most soil types
  • No reduction in effectiveness from soil movement and flooding

How we use Exterra to protect your home…

1) We put monitoring stations in the ground around the perimeter of buildings and in areas of termite activity on your property. For example, we will put bait stations in the ground around tree stumps and garden beds. This creates an ‘interception zone’ around your property.

2) Each monitoring station holds an irresistible termite treat made of eucalypt timber. Termites attack these monitoring stations before reaching your property.

3) We regularly inspect monitoring stations every 9 weeks.

4) During an inspection, if we detect termite presence in the monitoring stations, we will add an attractive bait with an insecticide.

5) Termites cannot detect the insecticide bait. They take it back to the colony feeding it to other termites and the queen. Infected termites die when they shed their cuticle (skin), which means it normally takes 4-12 weeks to destroy the colony.

6) Baiting systems are the best way to control a termite colony because you don’t need to find the nest, which is often difficult. Eliminating the colony rather than just killing the termites you see, is the best way to reduce termite problems on your property.

7) If your home is already under termite attack, we can install safe, sealed Exterra stations inside your property. Placed in active locations, termites feed on the bait and kill the colony.

Benefits of using the Exterra termite monitoring and baiting system?

  • Non-toxic baits mean greater safety for children and pets.
  • It’s better for the environment because no harmful chemicals go in the ground.
  • Rain can dilute or wash away chemical treatments.
  • Soil movements don’t affect baiting systems.

Exterra protects over 100,000 Australian homes, including some of our most valued national properties. You can read more about Exterra’s global success.

Termite property protection with Exterra from Resolve Pest Control.

Resolve Pest Control is a trained and authorised Exterra operator. We’re also an Exterra Quality Care operator, which means we can issue a $250,000 warranty. As part of the EXTERRA quality care programme, we continue to access their ongoing professional development.

Safeguard your property against termite attack all year round with an EXTERRA monitoring system, call for a FREE quote on 07 5345 5705 today.

Exterra Preferred operator
“Resolve Pest Control have been managing the Exterra program at our home and at a commercial property in Nambour for the past five years. At all times, they have been reliable, professional and very approachable. In a recent instance, they responded within a day to inspect timber that I was concerned about and were able to put my mind at rest. I have no hesitation in recommending Resolve Pest Control.”
Maree Elks
Homeowner, Buderim

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