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Stop termites from eating you out of house and home. With such a voracious appetite a termite feeding frenzy can quickly grow in to an expensive nightmare. You can rely on Resolve Pest Control to get rid of your termite problem fast. We’re safety conscious termite professionals you can trust.

If your home is under termite attack, or you just suspect termite activity, Resolve Pest Control is here to help you avoid an expensive nightmare. We help local property owners get through what can be an incredibly stressful time.

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Free termite treatment quote with a site visit

You want the best termite service possible. We’ll visit your home or business and inspect the property to fully understand the termite problem. We can then give you full costs and specific recommendations. 

By visiting you, we can establish:

This information allows us to make the correct recommendations to provide you with the best options and prices. We encourage you to ask questions during this visit to ensure you understand the options and the treatment process.

How is a termite treatment carried out?

Termite inspection: Following our initial inspection and quote, we will carry out a formal termite inspection following the Australian Standard (3660.2017) prior to starting a treatment. This will give us a complete picture which will allow us to confirm control when the treatment is complete. This inspection confirms:

  • termite presence
  • property entry points
  • active locations
  • amount of damage
  • causes of attack
  • the scale of the problem

Termite treatment proposal: You’ll receive this proposal after the inspection. It documents the treatment options and we will discuss each of them with you. If we gave you a quote prior to the formal inspection, we will confirm/change the quote/proposal if we find any additional issues.

Termite treatment: Our treatment will kill the active termites in your property. Our first aim is to locate and destroy the nest. This is tricky as termites hide their nests underground or in trees. Normally we use termite baiting and termite dusting in active areas to eliminate the termites. We support termite baiting as the most effective system for eliminating termites. The Exterra Baiting System is the world leader. That’s why we use it and recommend it to our customers.

It can take weeks or several months to rid your property of active termites. The time it takes depends on the scale of the problem and the chosen treatment methods.

Termite control confirmation: We’ll assess the property (following Australian Standards 3660.2017) to confirm termite elimination and control.

Termite management system installation: Termites can come back. To protect yourself against a repeat attack, we recommend installing a termite management system. This can be a termite soil treatment around the property or a termite monitoring system around the property perimeter.

Resolve Pest Control use Exterra, the world's No. 1 termite monitoring and baiting system

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Lasting protection against termites - Resolve Pest Control

When you’re looking to protect your home against future termite attack there are only two options that offer lasting protection and peace of mind.

Option 1 – a termite soil treatment. We put a chemical in the soil around the building structure to create a treatment zone around the perimeter.

Option 2 – a termite monitoring and baiting system. We place a monitoring system in the ground around your property. It detects and intercepts termites before they enter a structure. During regular inspections, if we see termites in the monitoring station, we introduce a termite bait. When termites take this back to the nest it kills the colony. It might take some time for it to happen, but monitoring and baiting systems are the best way to kill a termite colony.

We recommend a termite monitoring and baiting system because:

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How much is a termite treatment?

On the Sunshine Coast termite service costs vary. Every property is different, so we recommend getting an accurate quote before deciding. That’s why, for termite work, we don’t give quotes over the phone. To give you an idea, termite treatment costs need to consider:

  • building size and construction type.
  • soil type
  • amount of concrete/pavers around the building
  • land gradient
  • drainage issues
  • landscaping issues
  • scale of termite infestation
  • termite species

We’ll visit your property and provide you with a FREE quote. We’ll assess and determine the scale of the problem, termite treatment options and costs.

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Warning – Not all local pest control businesses are the same. There are inexperienced and unqualified ‘cowboys’ operating on the Sunshine Coast. If you ask, they must produce their licenses and insurance for termite work. Remember, the cheapest quote might not be right choice when it comes to protecting your home and family. Choose a safety conscious termite professional you can trust – Resolve Pest Control.

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